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Тестовый салон

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When I was recently preparing my little sister Janette for her prom night, she stunned me with one interesting phrase. When I was just about to begin the makeup process and apply the first layer of powder and lipstick, she suddenly said

Yes, the makeup is important for every woman, but the eyebrows though tend to be overlooked for far too often. As these are the centerpieces of our faces, this kind of obstruction is not right. In this post, I’m gonna teach you how you can

Every age has its own set of essential tips and tools for taking some good care of one's visual beauty. This means that while the age of 25 may be all about that everlasting freshness of youth and not too many cosmetics required, some...

When we’re talking about the makeup and colors, only two things come up as vital - the color of your lipstick and the color of your eye shades. So if we’re gonna be talking about the former, the violet color is the one that will...Well, it’s a conventional wisdom for any woman, that making sure that your makeup goes well with what clothes you have on is essential. And while men will all say that they never notice the difference, you know that at the end of the...

Among the things that are of concern for most of women of any age are makeup products, haircare products and of course the facial care products. In fact, the more cosmetics and makeup you use on a daily basis, the more...

тестовая услуга 1 45 мин. 500 - 1500 ₽
тестовая услуга 2 6 мин. 1000 - 2000 ₽
тестовая услуга 3 3 мин. 300 - 1000 ₽
услуга 1 60 мин. 500 - 800 ₽
услуга 2 3 мин. 500 - 500 ₽
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Федотова Екатерина Дмитриевна

Специалист по макияжу

As an artist myself (a country music singer), I know how important it is to get a proper makeup session just before giving a concert. This team has always been saving me!


Особенности проведения японского массажа

Большой популярностью среди женщин, да и мужчин, в том числе, пользуются различные восточные массажи. Японский вполне заслуженно занимает первую строчку в списке самых известных лечебных процедур подобного рода. При нём совершенно отсутствует риск возникновения побочных ...

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